Are your items authentic?

We guarantee that all of our items are 100% authentic. Each and every pair is thoroughly checked and analyzed by our experts prior to being listed for sale. 

Will cleats get cheaper?

We are firm on our price as our prices are the best on offer. Our prices are marked down when we have a sale going on. Coupons and vouchers are always displayed on our instagram. To find out when sales are going on, follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with our latest sales.

When will sold out cleats be back in stock?

We are relentlessly sourcing cleats to ensure that we have a wide range of stock available that caters to the needs of our followers. However, our stock is incredibly limited. We cannot guarantee that we will have any model restocked. Certain models are one-off pairs, whereas others are available in multiple sizes. Do not bank on the belief that any cleat will be restocked, so make sure to purchase a cleat while they are still available. 

Are all cleats brand new? 

All of our cleats are brand new. Not once have they been worn. We take pride in providing the best retro soccer cleats in brand new condition at affordable prices.

What payment methods are accepted?

At the moment, all payments are made through PayPal to ensure protection for both the buyer and the seller.